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Mind Body Spirit – Aries New Moon March 30th Event – Healing & Psychic Reading Exploring Day


March 30th is the Aries New Moon Day. This is a good day to start something new and ignite your passion with the Aries Fire element. Many of us have the epidemic disease called, “Fear”. Based on fear, many of us stop moving forward or trying something you are interested in. On this, day, we will wipe it out and fill in with the passion energy, and you can fulfil your life with joy and happiness.

At this special New Moon event, we will explore various energies and techniques and make a positive change within you energetically. It is also related to build your confidence and open up your psychic senses. If you are interested in the healing and psychic development, heal others, and receive guidance for you and others eventually, you can come and join us and experience it.
You will transform on all of your levels, Mind, Body and Spirit!

You will experiment of the healing and psychic reading, and also transform your energy for better  having fun together.


–       New Moon day message
–       Clearing meditation injecting the Aries Fire energy to ignite passion and love
–   “Unlock the power within!” Code activation and guided meditation.
–  “Shambala Code” Activation

–    Brief Body Work –  light exercise to absorb more light into your body
–       What is the energy, healing and reading?
–       Learn the basic skills of how to heal yourself. Am I a healer?
–       Touch the aura and clear the energy, experiment time.
–       What is the psychic reading and channelling? Can I receive a message? Am I a psychic? What is my talents?
–       Experience and practice reading and receiving messages for you and others. Experiment time of  psychic reading.  If you have a tarot deck, you can bring it with you.

Date: Sun March 30th 12:00 – 17:00

Place: Covent Garden

*Attending with your friends together, you and your friend will receive £4 off/person!

- £ 49 by  March 4th Tue till 22:00 booking and payment.  only for 3 persons. not refundable.
- £ 58 by  March 7th Fri  till 22:00 booking and payment.
- £ 67 by  March 14th Fri  till 22:00 booking and payment.
- £ 77 by  March 21st Fri  till 22:00 booking and payment.
- £ 87 by  March 28th Fri  till 22:00 booking and payment.
- £ 110 by  March 29th Sat  till 22:00 booking and payment.
- £ 120 Sun  by cash by door.

Please note:
–       Door will be opened 5 mins before.
–       Please book in advance with a payment.
–       cancellation policy: until 19th March. £20 will be refunded. After, no refund unless we cancel the event.
–       Seats are limited and please email us to secure your seats.


Looking forward to seeing you there.
Love and Light