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We offer workshops and events as well as private sessions and classes. Each event is different and some of them are just one off due to its energetic trend and flow at a certain time.

Which session to book if you are not sure?
If you are not sure which session or class to book, we recommend you 26 or 40 DNA Activation if you haven’t received one yet. Or you can book a psychic, intuitive consultation to find out options and solutions for your life.

You may think it is just to find out by chatting what is suitable for you but it already involves an energetic scanning and assessment and finding out a solution for you so the energy work and a consultation already start there. We cannot properly make an assessment by chatting  and by email simply, so please have a look at each menu and choose what you resonate with you most and book a session, or book a psychic consultation or cord cutting & Aura healing, then we can find a way to sort out things for you.


Or come and join us to experience loving and compassionate high vibrational energies at our events.

How to book classes and events.
Please read the contact page. 

– Private session, class, and workshop – Please email us with your preferred session, its length, and 3-4 preferred time you would like to book.

– Events  – There is an online Paypal link placed on each event website, so please book and pay from there. If you pay for someone else, please email us to notify who is coming to the event, then we will make a participant list with their names.

– Special offers – Sometimes we offer special offers for you. It is often notified in our newsletter. Once you have a session with us, you will receive special offers too.

★6th Fri – Karma Release Vol 5 – Inner Child Deep Wounds & Ancestral Healing, Karma Release and Contract Removal – Semi-private group work @ Liverpool st
★ 6th Fri 19:00 –  GF Gathering @ Liverpool st
★ 6th Fri 20:30 – Psychic Development Closed group @ Liverpool st
★7th  Sat 9:45 -12;10   Reiki Seminar 1@Bond

★ 7th Sat 13:00 15:25-  Archangel Michael Initiation Seminar
★ 12th Thu  18:30- Compassionate Mindful Meditation & Reiki Healing @ Covent Garden
★20th Fri 11:30 – 12:25 – Tarot Reading special 55 min offer  type 1 (3 reading total,  including one overall readingone relationship, and another reading you want to know as a topic)  including brief counselling @ Bond st by the school psychic initiate.  (15 pounds by bank transfer before July 16th 18:00. After this, 20 pounds by Paypal. Non-refundable).  Please contact us.
★20th Fri 12:40 – 13:35 – Tarot Reading special 55 min offer  type 2 (2-3 readings total,  including one overall One year reading,  one relationship, and if time allows, another reading you want to know as a topic)  including brief counselling@Bond st by the school psychic initiate. (15 pounds by bank transfer before July 16th 18:00. After this, 20 pounds by Paypal. Non-refundable). Please contact us.
★27th Fri 10:05 – 11:15 – Ascended Master Reiki healing and energy Balance special 70 min offer including brief counselling and feedback @Bond st by the school Reiki 3 practitioner (15 pounds by bank transfer before July 23rd 18:00. After this, 20 pounds by Paypal. Non-refundable).   Please contact us.
★ 27th Fri 11:30 – Psychic Development Closed group @ Bond st
★  27th Fri 17:00 –  Part 1 Total Eclipse & Full Moon Clearing Meditation and Group Emotional Healing
★  27th Fri  
         – Part 2A Total Eclipse & Full Moon Galactic Light Transmission & Crystal Empowerment

– 1st-10th – Skype session only at limited availability
– 11th – 20th Closed 


Future Events
★TBC – Karma release and Ancestral Healing for Abundance Attraction vol 4 – Day 1 
★TBC – – Law of Attraction for an Ideal Partner/Mate Attraction & Venus Magic
★TBC  10:00-11:50-  Class 1 level 1 Extension – clearing meditation, energy protection andclearing class 
★TBC – Psychic attack and Energy Vampire Protection Seminar. 
★TBC –  Psychic Reading Practice Closed Group  @ Bond st
★TBC   Remote Group  Session – Block Release, Clearing and Galactic Lightbody Transformation and Transmission.

★TBC Fri 13:10 –   Reiki Seminar 1@Bond / Liverpool st

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