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Various latest videos can be watched from the below links.
Psychic Psychologist & Ascension Technologist Kei – YouTube

Video – Galactic-seed & Starseed Awakening★ Quantum Re-Birth, and Release Karma & Past Life Energy – YouTube

Amaterasu 28 DNA Activation Session Introduction – YouTube

Stage 2 – Intuition & Psychic Sense Development Course & Exercise -> Available

As of  18th of June, 2022.

    • Online sessions – available in London time
    • Face-to-face session  – Not available for now due to Omicron.
        • If you would like to book a face to face session, please check the requirement at the bottom of this page in advance.


Session & Seminar Opening hours: UK time
For a time being (Sun – Tue, Thu  – no sessions).
Wed –  18:30-20:30 /  Fri  11:30-20:30  / Sat 11:30-18:00 /
Sun-Mon: Closed /   Tue, Thu –  booking only

Which session is good for you, if you are not sure?
– If you are not sure which session or class to book, you can book a 25-50 min psychic consultation.
– Or we recommend you an Amaterasu 28 DNA Activation Session or Quantum Block Release session as the first one but please have a look at our menu and choose what you like and decide.

Event Schedule

Upgraded! ★Quantum Rebirth & Karma Release & Past Life session
NEW ★Corona Support Healing session

Goddess Amaterasu Clearing Online Session
★ Amaterasu 28 DNA Activation Session
★ Awaken Your Divinity within Programme – A secret Message from a difficult relationship with your parents’ course.
★Learn How to Release Chronic Back, Lower Back, Shoulder and Neck Pain and Knots Using a Foam Roller and Self-Massage


★ 21st Tue 12 noon Summer solstice Sun Ra Energy & Karma Release remote group session (non-live)

★ mainly – private sessions

★Please contact us  – The 23rd ish of July –  Ascended Master Reiki Offer (Face to face session) -> at the moment, you can choose a day to book this. 
– Total about 55 min.  –  You will receive about 15 min counselling, 30-35  min Reiki and short feedback from our school psychic Reiki healer. Kei will be there as well.
– It’s a Face to face session at Moorgate. 
– Non-refundable 10 pounds by Paypal payment here to book.
– Please send us a negative Covid result 3-4 days before. We will test as well to be safe for everyone.
– Please wear a mask during the session
– Location: Moorgate station 2 min
– Booking: Please email us to book your seat. First come, first served.

Aug & Sep
– Session is planned in Japan time. 

★TBC Wed 20:30 – 21:00 – Remote Usui Reiki & Ascended Master Reiki Group Session – Anyone can receive this session, especially if you have mental and physical illnesses, anxieties, worries, etc. For further details, please find it from the link here.  This is monthly and you can utilize this to heal or maintain your energy regularly.

★TBC Full Moon  – Good for detox. Recommended sessions are Cord-cutting, and Quantum Release Session.

★TBC  New Moon– Good for setting the energy and goals for future creation. Recommended sessions are Amaterasu 28 DNA Activation Session, psychic consultation

★20th  Fri   12:10 – Psychic reading  Offer – ONLINE
– You will receive a  20  min psychic reading by our school psychic reader. it will take about 30 min total. Kei will be there as well.
– It’s a Zoom session.
5 pounds fee by Paypal payment from here (Non-refundable) (Standard fee is 20 pounds).
– Please email us to book your seat. First come, first served.


Face to Face session Booking
– Though the government has scrapped all the restrictions, Covid is still out there, and you need to have a test result if you would like to have a face to face session this year.  Our policy below will not be changed for a while. 

      • How to book a face-to-face session – Please read below in advance.
        This is for everyone including people who has no symptoms,  had jabs, used an aeroplane,  returned from overseas, etc.
        1. Make sure you are 100% Covid and cold symptom-free in the past 3 weeks. No fever, no coughing, no frequent clearing throat or irritation, no cold, no sense of loss, sneezing, headache, etc.
            • If you suffer from Long Covid or experience recurring symptoms, please book only online sessions.
            • If you had a jab, you can book a session only after 3 months. Please take a test after 12 weeks of your jab and make sure you are not positive (Even if you had a jab, it does not guarantee you don’t get infected).
        2. Please contact us to arrange a face-to-face session and send the following info. all together
          • with a Covid negative test result.
          • If you had jabs – When you had jabs,  and any side effects, symptoms you have or not. 
          • When you got contracted in the past if you had.
          • the preferred session, length, preferred 2-3 times and dates to book
          • If you are not sure which session is good to book, please book a psychic consultation session. 
          • We will discuss when it is possible to book your session tentatively before you take a test.
        3. Take a Covid-test within 3-4 days before your appointment or payment, and email us the NHS  negative result and a white test bar photo.
        4. After booking –  
          • Please note: we will cancel your session if we find you have a covid symptom, especially even coughing, fever, a frequent clearing throat,  even after we meet in the therapy room and the cancellation fee will be charged 100%. So please be mindful.-> it will be switched to online/phone session straight away if an online session is possible for the session. If not, you need to re-book the session as a new session.
          • You may say it is a cold but if you have a cold symptom that is similar to Covid, it cannot be an excuse, and please cancel your sessions beforehand. We understand you book a session with the agreement of our terms and conditions.
        5. On-site for your session – Everyone is required to wear a mask/face cover during the session in the therapy center. If you don’t wear a mask during the session, we will cancel the face to face session (no refund) and will not accept your face to face session booking in the future.
      • Important
        • We will leave a window open for ventilation purposes. Please bring a jacket or a sweater to wear during a session just in case  as it may be chilly. The heater is on.
        • Please check your health conditions at least 48-72h before and notify us by email if you feel strange, and we can reschedule. Otherwise, you will be charged a cancellation fee within 48h cancellation and rescheduling. 
        • We are wearing a PPE and a mask (and maybe a visor too, depending on the session).