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We offer workshops and events as well as private sessions and classes. Each event is different and some of them are just one-off due to its energetic trend and flow at a certain time.

Which session is good for you, if you are not sure?
– If you are not sure which session or class to book, you can book a short 15-30 min consultation and assessment session from the psychic, intuitive consultation page and decide which session you would like to receive.  You can ask any personal questions and have an assessment briefly.
– Or we recommend you 26 or 40 DNA Activation if you haven’t received one yet.  Or come and join us to experience high vibrational energies at our events.
– Quite often people book 26 or 40 DNA Activation, Psychic Reading, Cord cutting, or Quantum Block Release session as the first one but it depends on your needs.  Our menu has extensive explanations for you to decide so please visit our service menu.

How to book classes and events.
Please read the contact page. (currently, Tue – Sat). 

Please email us with your preferred session, its length and 2-3 preferred time all together by email.

 – Quantum Mind Body Emotion Psychosomatic Detox Session
– 26 or 40 DNA Activation

★15th -16th – Skype session is available. UK time 11am – 15:00/16:00
★17th Fri, 21st Tue onward – Face to face session is available in London
★ 18th Sat 16:15 – 18:45ish – Archangel Michael Initiation Group Seminar @ Covent Garden
★23rd  Thu 22:30-  Galactic Light Transmission  by Remote Group Session including the Sacred chakra block release

★Offer- 24th Fri 11:40 – 12:05,  Psychic Reading Offer by our psychic initiate.@ Bond st.
– You can have a 25 min psychic reading. Non refundable 10 pounds by Paypal payment here to book. Please email us to book your seat. First come, first served.
* You will also receive a free 15 min counselling session too on this day!. 

★Offer-Phone Talking Therapy at a special rate by Kei, in Jan on Tue and Wed 10:30am, 11am, and 11:30am.
– You can have a 25 min phone session at 35 pounds only by Paypal. Please email me to book with 2-3 preferred time to book (Please note it is not a psychic counseling, and available at this rate only for these limited time). Please pay by Paypal here. 

10th Mon 16:30 – Leo Full Moon Guided Meditation & Galactic Light Transmission. @ Covent Garden
★22nd Sat 11:15 – 14:15 Sacred Geometry Site Protection Workshop at Covent Garden

★Offer- Feb sometime, Fri 12:20 – 13:10,  @ Liverpool street station.
– We are looking for 1 person who wants to receive about 80 min emotional releasing  Reiki and crystal healing session  including a short counselling and feedback time by our trained Reiki practitioner. Kei will be there monitoring and supporting.
15 pounds, and after, 20 pounds by Paypal (non-refundable). Please pay from here.


Future Events
★TBC  13:00-– Group Class 1 – Energy management, protection and meditation at Bond st (Or you can book at your preferred time)
★TBC – Psychic attack and Energy Vampire Protection Seminar. 
★TBC Fri – Karma Release Vol 5 – Inner Child Deep Wounds & Ancestral Healing, Karma Release and Contract Removal – Semi-private group work @ Liverpool st
★ TBC– Online and Live Anxiety & Stress Reduction Guided Meditation & group coaching session by Zoom 7attendance
– TBC  Sat 10:00 – 18:00ish Reiki Seminar level 2 – practitioner level. ( if interested in, please receive Reiki 1 and required sessions) 
★TBC Sat 15:00 – 18:00 –New Moon day – Law of Attraction for an Ideal Partner/Mate Attraction & Venus Magic @ Bond st

★TBC – Law of Attraction – Abundance & More Income @ Liverpool st

TBC 19:10 – 20:10. Reiki Healing session by our students  @ Liverpool st in London (Kei will be there and supervising) .
Offer – We are looking for 2 people who want to receive 45 min Reiki sessions & 10 min short counselling and feedback time.
Fee: non-refundable   By Paypal 10 pounds. Only for 2 persons.

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