★June 21st – Summer Solstice Entities release & Shadow Transformation Session – Sun God Ra Fire Clearing, Goddess Amaterasu Shadow Transformation, Entities release & Galactic Transmission Remote Group Session

– Anyone can book.

On the Solstice day, June 21st, the sun’s power is very strong in the Gemini month. Due to the Corona pandemic, many of us feel what will happen to the future and feel the future is so uncertain in terms of finance, business, school, relationships, etc. However, we need to stay positive as each one of us has THE KEY to creating a desirable future based on WHAT WE THINK. We need to stay positive and strong mentally, emotionally and physically.

Gemini is about the mind, intelligence and communication. Solstice is about the Sun, fire energy, and you need to give yourself and especially to your mind the fire energy, which is passion, and joy and laughter to get over this depressive pandemic difficulties.

Especially, current energy is good to
– Release carried over negative energies and transform the shadow aspects.
– Heal psychic wounds and emotional wounds

You can join this group remote session or can have a private session you would like to have.

– Clearing negative energies with the energy of the Sun God Ra in many energetic layers and Chakras.
– Release carried over negative energies
– Entities’ attachment release
– Protection
– Clearing Your Mind with the Sun God energy.
– Activate your heart chakra energy with the Sun God Ra energy
– Goddess Amaterasu’s shadow transformation to the Light
– Receive the Galactic Transmission to evolve your consciousness further.
– After the session, you will receive group feedback by email within 1-3 days.

Time and date: 
UK time – Wed June 21st 20:00 – 21:00 (It may take longer).
Japan time – Thu June 22nd 4:00 –

Location: Remote session, so you don’t have to go anywhere, nor log in online. After the session, you will receive a group feedback message by email. (It’s not Live. You can stay at home or somewhere else preferably private).

Booking and Payment
– Please pay by Paypal from here.
– Fee will go up closer to the solstice day.
– An early bird offer : 220 pounds till June 20th 23:30.
– An early bird offer : 240 pounds till June 21st 14:00.
– An early bird offer : 260 pounds till June 21st 18:00.
– On the day after 18:00 till 19:00 – 270 pounds.

– IMPORTANT: To send the energy remotely, your full name, postcode & country and your birthday info in advance is required. Please send the info altogether by email.

Deadline: 1h before.

Terms and Conditions
– Fee will not be refunded after payment unless we cancel this remote session.
– You can do anything and you can be anywhere but please avoid driving a car or using machinery in case you become sleepy.
– Group session will be started on time so you can set your intention to receive the remote session. Depending on the number of people, it may take longer to finish.